Computer Software Development Company
Our Business

Computer Software Development Company (CSDC) Ltd. is a Bulgarian software developer, established in 2001, purposely to implement outsourced software projects for EU partners.

We offer our clients the possibility to react in the most flexible way to rapidly changing software markets and technologies, enabling them to enlarge the volume and range of their business.

Our Objective

To give possibilities concerning flexibility of personnel, programming tools, and scope of projects, to small to medium size organizations.

We offer them an elasticity of personnel, in order to optimize their variable production costs. Teams of experienced developers led by proven project managers ensure the fast and accurate tasks accomplishment.

Local Market

CSDC is a Bulgarian company with long-term experience in software development for many European customers. As a rule we work with European software houses that maintain trade contacts with their own clients and end users. To Bulgarian business we can offer our profound experience in creating tailor-made software products. We can make analysis, consult, and build complete software solutions for your company, based on our international expertise. Also, we can analyze existing software systems and port them to new platforms and/or implement them anew using the most modern technologies, including creating complex distributed WEB-enabled automation solutions.

If you would like to have a free of charge offer from us, please write to:

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